Placenta Encapsulation Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard about people taking their placenta in capsules. What is Placenta Encapsulation?

In short it is putting your placenta into capsules which you can take as a supplement in the weeks, months (and sometimes years) after childbirth. I use a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach of steaming the placenta before dehydrating it and putting it into capsules.

What are these capsules like? Can you taste the placenta?

I use vegetarian capsules which do not taste of anything. The dried placenta powder is inside the capsules and it is the same experience as taking a multi vitamin or iron supplement.

What are the benefits to me of taking my placenta?

There are many benefits that women report from taking their prepared placenta in capsules soon after the birth of their child. These include

Increased energy
Less hormonal fluctuations and baby blues
Less bleeding
Having plenty of breast milk
Feeling ‘recovered’ sooner
Feeling more well and like themselves in the months following childbirth

It can be very reassuring to have something on hand that your body produced (so it is formulated with you and your baby in mind) for those days when you feel you need a bit of nurturing.

Isn’t raw placenta better than cooked?

Raw placenta has a cooling effect on the body which can be appropriate in the first 48 hours post partum. Steamed and dehydrated placenta has a warming effect which is what is needed after the first 48 hours. In acupuncture the mother would be ‘roasted’ to replace the heat she has lost through the pregnancy and birth. The TCM method placenta capsules are heating whereas raw capsules or smoothies are cooling in their nature. The capsules retain the hormones, iron and zinc and are appropriate for use during the postpartum period and beyond.

If I decide to have my placenta encapsulated, when would I use the capsules?

I would return your capsules to you as soon as possible and you could start to take them straight away to assist your recovery from the birth and help to re-nurture your body after all it has given during the pregnancy. I would advise you how many you could take in the early days. Other times that you might like to save some for are when menstruation returns, when you have major transitions /stresses such as going back to work or moving home. You may also wish to freeze some for use at menopause.

What training have you done Kate?

I have trained with Placenta Benefits (PBi) to become a Placenta Encapaulation Specialist. Click here to see my Placenta Benefits (PBi) profile.

I have attended Barefoot Birthing & Soul Tree Fruits’ The Sacred Placenta Workshop.

What if I’m not sure and want to see how I feel once the baby’s here?

Ideally the placenta is collected and dehydrated in the first 48 hours after the birth and returned to you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of the capsules in the early days. However, it is possible to encapsulate placenta from frozen. If you are undecided about encapsulation, but want to have the option, you can freeze your placenta in a sealed bag and I can encapsulate for you at a later date should you choose.

How can I book you to encapsulate my placenta?

You can contact me for a chat about encapsulation or to make a booking on or 07973 824383.

For more information please see my Placenta Encapsulation Page.